Served with boiled rice OR chips, Fried rice 30p extra Half chip/half fried rice £1 extra Soft noodles 60p extra

Bean Curd & Chinese Mushroom in Oyster Sauce£7.50£8.20
Bean Curd Mixed Vegetable£7.50£8.20
Beef & Asparagus Roll with Black Pepper Sauce£9.50£10.20
Chicken Hot and Sour Sauce£7.70£8.40
Chicken Lemon Sauce£7.50£8.20
Chicken Orange Sauce£7.50£8.20
Daichin Chicken and Cashew Nuts (Dry)£8.10£8.80
Fried Roast Belly Pork and Tofu in Black Bean£8.50£9.20
Honey & Chilli Beef£7.70£8.40
Honey & Chilli Chicken£7.70£8.40
Meat Combination£7.50£8.20
Roast Pork Belly with Green Pepper Black-bean Sauce£8.50£9.20
Salt and Chilli Bean Curd£7.50£8.20
Salt and Chilli Chicken Balls£7.80£8.50
Salted Chilli Shredded Sesame, Chicken£8.10£8.80
Sesame Chicken Served with Honey Chilli Sauce£8.10£8.80