Aromatic Duck Parcels£5.80
Barbeque Spare Ribs with Barbequed Sauce£5.80
Cheese Chicken Roll (2)£3.90
Chicken Satay Skewers£5.50
Chicken Wing Salted and Chilli£5.50
Chicken Wing with Capital Sauce£5.50
Crispy Aromatic Duck Pancakes - Half£18.00
Crispy Aromatic Duck Pancakes - Quarter£9.50
Crispy Chicken in Hoisin Chilli Bean Sauce£5.50
Deluxe Oriental Platter£7.50
Prawn Cocktail£4.50
Salted and Chilli Ribs£5.80
Salted and Chilli Soft Shell Crab£8.20
Sesame Prawn Toast£5.80
Spare Rib in Peking Sauce£5.80
Spring Rolls (2)£3.80
Starter Mix A (2 Spring rolls, 2 Chicken satay skewers, Salt and chilli ribs)£7.50
Starter Mix B (2 Spring rolls, 2 Chicken satay skewers, Ribs in capital sauce)£7.50
Vegetable Roll£3.60
War Tip (Dumpling)£5.80