Fried Squid with Chinese Seasonal Greens£8.10£8.80
Fried Squid with Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce£8.10£8.80
Monkfish with Bean Curd and Roast Pork£9.50£10.20
Monkfish with Seasonal Greens£9.50£10.20
New Zealand Mussels in Black Bean Sauce£8.80£9.50
Salted and Chilli Seafood Combination£8.80£9.50
Salted and Chilli Squid£8.10£8.80
Seafood Combination and Bean Curd with Sauce£9.10£9.80
Seafood Combination Ginger and Spring Onion£8.80£9.50
Stir Fried King Prawn with Seasonal Chinese Green£9.10£9.80